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Welcome to Tulips in Tandem. 

Where families play, tulips flourish, and love takes root. 

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Jeremy was the boy next door. 

Blaire's first love. 

Her first kiss. 

When his attention shifted to Blaire's twin sister, Savannah, instead, Blaire had to suppress her feelings and watch their feelings grow faster than the tulips in the field her family owns. 

But right in the middle of their engagement, they break up. 

Savannah claims he cheated. 

Jeremy's brother says she did. 

Blaire isn't sure who's telling the truth, so she goes right to the source. She meant to remain impartial, but when she finds out what really happened, she's left with a painful decision--

Following her heart means turning against her family's wishes and her own resolve. Can she trust the man she's always loved, or is she better off without him? 

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