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She wants nothing to do with the past...

until he shows her his.


On Christmas Eve, the most unexpected of guests shows up. He's devastatingly suave, all kinds of good looking, and he claims to be Christmas Past, here to remind Pepper of the real meaning of Christmas. 

Pepper is unprepared for the experience, especially because he doesn't just show her pieces of her past--he reveals details about his as well. 

And the two of them are more connected than Pepper ever imagined. 

Before the night ends, she wants more than for him to be her travel guide. But that kind of Christmas Future can only happen if she accepts Christmas again. 

She's not sure that's something she can do. 

Strap in for a night of magnetism and heartfelt connection between two unlikely leads.

A Christmas Carol meets It's a Wonderful Life in this festive romp. 

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